Our Mission

To engage students in the career development process throughout their time at UTM and two years after graduation

Helping students and recent graduates

As career educators, the UTM Career Centre helps students and recent graduates to:

  • Make career and academic plans, based on self-knowledge and career information
  • Identify and seek relevant experience and network connections during and after UTM
  • Learn the process of lifelong career management

Student Benefits

By participating in Career Centre activities, students and recent graduates are able to:

  • Act more purposefully and independently in pursuing their own career development
  • Develop skills to establish, advance and manage their careers, such as self-presentation in person (networking, fairs, interviews) and in print/electronically (resume, cover letter, emails), as well as relevant experience

Internal and External Collaboration

We accomplish our mission by collaborating with our partners in career education, both internal to the UTM campus and U of T (at UTM, at St. George and UT Scarborough Campus) and external to the University (employers, alumni, parents, industry reps, professionals).


We have a proven commitment to provide equitable service to our diverse student population. Read more information on resources for LGBTQ+ Students and resources for students with disabilities.


We understand there has been a rise in inappropriate job recruitment activities and questionable jobs/job offers in the current economy. An email has been sent to all students from our Director in partnership with our UTM Campus Police advising students with tips to help avoid these situations. Read the full email sent to all students.