Gaining experience during your university years will help you develop valuable skills, build your network and give you the experience employers are looking for when you graduate. And what better place to start gaining experience than right on campus!

Here are plenty of ideas to get you started:

Course related

  • The Research Opportunities Program (ROP) allows students in their second year to earn a full course credit and valuable experience by participating in a faculty member's research project.
  • Some programs offer internship and field courses to senior level students to gain practical career-related experience
  • If your program allows some flexibility, why not take an elective course in professional writing? Or a minor in French to develop fluency in another language?


  • Join a student club, either academic or social. After being involved for a year, run for a leadership position such as Vice-President or Marketing Director.
  • Volunteer with the International Student Resource Centre or join the Erindale College Special Response Team (ECSpeRT).
  • Get involved with the student media. Write articles or take photos for The Medium or take a role with CFRE Radio.
  • Take part in one of the many intramural sports offered by the Centre for Physical Education or get involved with the UTM Athletic Council.
  • Apply for a leadership position in Residence as a Don or Peer Academic Leader or run for a position on Residence Council.
  • Join a campus committee such the Academic Affairs Committee of Erindale College Council or one of the many committees at Hart House.
  • Run for elected student government such as ECSU, SAC, EPUS.
  • Sign up to become a Frosh Leader during Orientation.

Working on-campus

  • A common myth is that paid on-campus jobs are available only to OSAP students. There are, in fact, many job opportunities open to all students, regardless of OSAP status. Check CLN for On-Campus listing..
    • The Work-Study Program is a fantastic way to gain academic and career-related experience on campus, and is now no longer just for OSAP students - ALL students may apply!
  • There are many opportunities to gain experience by volunteering with departments on campus, including Community on Campus, AccessAbility, Environmental Affairs and many others.