Jason Lee

Jason Lee
Grad Year: 
Senior Associate
Business, Finance & Administration

Q: Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities, including challenges/rewards. How did you go about your job search upon graduating -- what strategies were most successful and why do you think you were hired?

Audit, assurance, SOX, SEC and public filing, substantive approach, managing associates, coaching, planning, completion

Q: What personal characteristics/skills are most important for success in your job/field?

  • Technical understanding of GAAP, GAAS and other applicable accounting pronouncements, finance concepts and industry
  • Communciations skills and ability to communicate priorities and managing people above and below your rank; team work and cooperation
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Ability to quickly grasp concepts and apply

Q: During your university career did any key experiences assist you in making your career choices? If yes, how so? (Internships? Extern Program? Volunteering? Student clubs? Summer job? Mentorship?)

  • Summer coop terms in the big4 accounting firms
  • Showing expertise in any area such as a hobby, sport
  • Volunteering but something that requires a material commitment - not a day volunteering experience

Q: What have been the keys to your success? What advice would you give to students who wish to pursue a similar career path? If you had the chance to plan your studies and your career path again, what would you do differently (if anything)?

  • Do your own research - read what's available on the internet Talk to other students who share similar interest and attend events that will elaborate on what you already know.
  • Don't just focus on academics...that's just one aspect. Noone hires based on academics alone. Show expertise and passion in other areas.
  • Be adaptive and proactive - seek information and provide solutions. If parameters of the problems change such as your situation - the figure out what you need to do.