Know Your Rights - Networks and Advocacy

Financial Assistance for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities - Tuition, Services and Assistive Devices

Disaboom LinkedIn Group for Professionals with Disabilities

The largest online social network and information resource for people with disabilities. Launched in 2008, the site has more than 90,000 registered members who share information and experiences through blogs, forums, chat rooms, videos, and photos. Disaboom LinkedIn Group

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Our mission is to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of people with disabilities. As innovators and agents of change, we build partnerships, develop skills, share knowledge and influence attitudes. We also have a job accommodation service (JAS®), a Canada-wide and bilingual service that offers public and private sector companies of all sizes advice, consultations, and assessment services in order to assist them comply with their legal duty to accommodate and accessibility standards. Canadian Council on Work and Rehabilitation

We Connect Now

An organization dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on college students and access to higher education and employment issues. We Connect Now


National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), is a consumer-controlled, cross-disability charitable organization with the mandate of supporting full access to education and employment for post-secondary students and graduates with disabilities across Canada. NEADS

Advocacy and Resources within University of Toronto

If you have a dispute or feel you’ve been unfairly treated due to your disability either by individuals, groups or by institutional practices, always be assertive and state your perspective calmly using your knowledge of your human rights. Seek support through your allies at the U of T and take it up directly with the parties involved. Escalate the matter if you do not get a successful resolution using the offices listed below.

  • University of Toronto Equity and Diversity Office – fostering equity, removing a range of barriers and providing support our community members in fulfilling their academic, research and employment goals. Student who have concerns about discrimination or institutional barriers to inclusion and success may contact the office for help.
  • University of Toronto Office of the Ombudsperson  - An independent body providing confidential advice and support around concerns and complaints about fairness and human rights within the University of Toronto’s community of students, staff and faculty. This resource is for use when other avenues of redress have not resolved the issue.