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What is an internship?

An internship is a short-term work experience in which you receive training and gain experience in a specific field or career area. An internship can be paid or unpaid. Some internship programs are designed for current students, while others are only available to new graduates.

The important element that distinguishes an internship from a short-term job or community service is the intentional "learning agenda" that the intern brings to the experience. Consider doing an internship to gain career related experience during your studies or upon graduation!

Why do an internship?

  • develop skills that employers seek (e.g. teamwork, communication, technical skills)
  • gain first hand experience in your discipline and get your foot in the door
  • network and make contacts within the company and in the industry
  • work closely with a mentor in the organization
  • learn of work opportunities within the company….internships can turn into job offers
  • clarify your career goals
  • earn credit or financial compensation

How do I find internships?

  • Login and search postings on Career Learning Network
  • Career Centre Internship Binder: A binder of past internship listings. Available in the Career Resource Library in DV3094.
  • U of T Mississauga Internship Office: Many programs at U of T Mississauga offer internship courses to senior level students, including Environment, Biology, Forensic Science, CCIT and others.
  • U of T Professional Experience Year (PEY): Turn classroom knowledge into valuable work experience by taking part in a 12-16 month internship. Most PEY internships are offered in the area of Computer Science, Engineering and Commerce.
  • Self-Designed Internships: An organization may be receptive to a student who proposes an idea of how they can contribute to their department. Contact organizations you are interested in. Outline your goals and what you can contribute to their team. Organizations are looking for self-motivated students who are familiar with their industry.
  • Internships Tipsheet (PDF)
  • Going Abroad Tipsheet (PDF)

Sample Internship Links: