Information Sessions and On-Campus Interviews

Information Sessions

An information session is one of the most effective ways to promote your organization and available positions in an interactive way.

Information sessions at UTM are fully customizable to fit your recruitment needs and timelines. A standard session typically consists of a recruitment style presentation followed by Q&A and informal networking. However, it can also include resume reviews, mock interviews, or other activities, which will make the session more robust and appealing to students.

Sessions typically run between 1.5 hours to half a day, depending on the format.

Booking a session

Our information sessions are scheduled to coincide with your recruitment timelines. Please provide a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice to organize and promote your session. To book, please contact Vanisa Dimitrova at

The cost of an information session is $150 CAD + 13% HST. The fee covers all marketing initiatives, student registration, venue, AV, and parking passes for 2 cars.


If for any reason you find it necessary to cancel an upcoming information session that has already been arranged, please provide at least 5 business days' notice; otherwise full payment will be required.

We encourage you to also arrange sessions at the St. George or Scarborough campuses. Please ask us for details!

On-Campus Interviews

If you have a work opportunity advertised with us, we are happy to provide a complimentary interview room on campus. We can also arrange to build interview schedules and facilitate student sign-up for employers who wish to interview on campus.


Your organization must be registered with the Career Centre and have posted a work opportunity. Room availability on campus is very limited. Please provide a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice.

It is the employer’s responsibility to contact the students and to inform them of their interview status. With sufficient advance notice, we can also arrange to have candidates sign up for interview schedules online via our website.

All candidates to be interviewed must be University of Toronto students. A master list of the candidates must be sent to the Career Centre in advance along with instructions regarding the timing of the interviews. Please ask for details.


If for any reason you find it necessary to cancel an upcoming interview room booking that has already been arranged, please provide at least 3 business days notice, otherwise cancellation charges may apply.

Please note: we reserve the right to limit the number of on campus interview bookings per organization to three bookings per term.

For More Information

For questions and booking, please contact:

Vanisa Dimitrova, Coordinator, Events and Employment Services
DV3093M | 905-828-5477 |