Rupi Badwal

Rupi Badwal
Grad Year: 
Crime & Deviance
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Social Science, Education & Religion
Esprida Corporation

“Esprida manufactures software for the remote device management market. Signifi specializes in creating software for photo/music/ring tones in a self-service kiosk,” says Rupi. “Having worked in-house as legal counsel for other companies, the role I play at Esprida allows me to flex my legal muscle whilst developing my skills on the business and financial side. As a small company, there are new challenges every day, both in terms of complex legal issues and the interplay with clients.”

Rupi says the most important characteristic required for his positions is a strong work ethic.

“Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Be patient and don’t forget to have a sense of humour,” he says. “I found that personal networking and word of mouth were the most effective tools for finding the right job. I learned very quickly the importance of the ‘fit’ within a company and, through experience, became skilled at identifying the right opportunities. Rupi has been the owner/partner for Trac Grafix Inc., an information centre analyst for Serca Food Service, and legal counsel for Financial Models Company Inc.

“I didn’t have a formal mentorship, but it was the relationship with my professors, particularly in third and fourth year, that proved to be the most memorable experience,” says Rupi.

“Ultimately, it was my ability to connect with people on different levels that got me in the door. I always showed respect. My zeal and love for what I do allowed me to exceed expectations. The single most important factor is to enjoy what you do — it shows in your work product and attitude and permeates every aspect of your career.”