Rosa Bertucci-Dunn

Rosa Bertucci-Dunn
Grad Year: 
Industrial Relations
Marketing Specialist - Food Service Canada
Business, Finance & Administration

Rosa Bertucci-Dunn works as a marketing specialist where she assists with the accurate and appropriate representation of her company, Ecolab, to the community, specifically for product-specific regulations and information. She also prepares proposals, presentations, and other communications materials for the company’s operations department.

“Accuracy and special attention to detail are essential in any function. Equally important are good communication skills, as well as good listening skills, which eventually can be acquired and are learned behavior” says Rosa, who has also worked as an Employment Recruiter with various employment placement agencies and responsible for various duties in several HR departments.

She found work through networking and sending her resume out to excessive companies.

“I never got discouraged, I just kept going,” she says. “Just keep an open mind to the various jobs out there. Once I changed my strategy and considered positions outside my studies, I found a position I knew I would grow with”.

If she could do anything differently, she might have considered an entry level position right at the start of her job search.

“Sometimes it’s not about the actual degree or “major” that you graduated with but rather the process you took getting there. The discipline, perseverance, stamina and commitment that it took getting there and key ingredients that do not go unnoticed by employers. Find that position that allows progressive growth and work your way up. We’re already proven that we possess the tools that will help us move in that direction”.