Goudarz Molaei

Goudarz Molaei
Grad Year: 
Research Scientist
Natural & Applied Sciences
Center for Vector Biology & Zoonotic Diseases, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Goudarz Molaei earned his position as Research Scientist immediately after graduating from UTM.

“I am investigating the epidemiology of West Nile virus. Thinking of objectives, designing of the experimental approaches, hiring the right individuals to work in the laboratory, writing grant proposals and conducting research on a daily basis are some of the challenges,” he says. “Getting good results and gaining recognition in the scientific community and among peers is very rewarding.”

Goudarz says his work requires dedication, determination, trustworthiness, and a strong work ethic.

“In terms of skills, you have to be equipped with the knowledge and skills of all available methods in the field of study,” he says.

Goudarz says he found work by searching online and tailoring his CV to each specific opportunity.

“In addition, I investigated the objectives and research activities of my workplace and further prepared a very good presentation. I also studied the research interests and publications of those whom I thought could be involved in my interview. By taking these steps I was very much ahead of the game, and surprisingly I was hired immediately after my job interview,” says Goudarz, who also teaches courses at a nearby college.

He says that participating in conferences and scientific meetings helped him to get to know his peers.

“My hard work, dedication and perseverance have been the most important factors to my success,” he says. “I would say to students that it does not matter what subject you study, your minor or major will not bring you success — it is you that will make a successful career out of it. If you have the qualifications you will be a successful individual.”