Carrie Catherine Lee

Carrie Catherine Lee
Grad Year: 
Business Consultant
Business, Finance & Administration
Oracle Corporation

Q: Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities, including challenges/rewards. How did you go about your job search upon graduating -- what strategies were most successful and why do you think you were hired?

As a Business Consultant, I work with global companies with revenues of $500 million and above in Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, and Iowa (in all verticals). I provide marketing and consultative assistance for Oracle's Hyperion (EPM) acquisition and assist in building business cases for target organizations and the current install base.

Challenges: Being a part of an enormous company like Oracle, challenges include knowing how to leverage which information is important to your role and not getting distracted easily.

Rewards: One of the numerous rewards include being able to build connections with C-levels and other high-caliber individuals who you can learn from.

One of the most rewarding strategies I employed upon graduating is to start early. I started looking for positions in September of my final year. Employers appreciate a new graduate's steadfast nature and it allows you to circle back with your target organizations the second half of the academic year if you did not hear back from them earlier on.

Q: List the key positions you have held since graduation, and any post-graduate degrees/diplomas you earned after graduation. If applicable, list any other ways you are involved in your profession or in your community (member of a professional association, involved as a leadership volunteer, etc).

Cintas - The Management Trainee position allowed me to assume roles in HR, Operations, Production and Corporate levels.

Education - I'm currently taking courses for my Masters in Project Management from the Boston University.

Also, I will be taking Enterprise Risk Management-related courses in the fall with the goal of being a certified Risk Manager.

Q: What personal characteristics/skills are most important for success in your job/field?

  • Being positive and personable (People do not want to be surrounded by negativity).
  • Being focused (and not be swayed by distractions).
  • Being creative (and finding new ways to improve your craft).

Q: During your university career did any key experiences assist you in making your career choices? If yes, how so? (Internships? Extern Program? Volunteering? Student clubs? Summer job? Mentorship?)

I attended almost all of the Career Centre's events which I was eligible for. This included the Networking breakfast, resume clinics, mock interviews, etc.

I also assumed leadership positions in clubs on campus and volunteered a lot. I also participated in a work-study program with the now-defunct SC Events organization.

It is crucial to be involved on campus and have a more well-rounded appeal. An above average GPA is an obvious must, but what will separate you from the rest of the candidates is your extra-curricular activities on campus, especially the ones where you have demonstrated leadership.

Q: What have been the keys to your success? What advice would you give to students who wish to pursue a similar career path? If you had the chance to plan your studies and your career path again, what would you do differently (if anything)?

I would not do anything differently because I definitely have learned a lot from graduating with a Biology degree.

Some of my keys to success are as follows:

  • 5Ps: Be prepared, patient, positive, persevering and polite. This will take you a long way.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Never be satisfied with the status quo and always find ways to grow.
  • Be authentic and honest. When I did recruitment, I easily passed on people who I knew were disingenuous.
  • Have confidence in yourself.