Work Alone / WalkSafe Program's

Work Alone Program

Work Alone Program PDF

Working alone or in an isolated area of campus? This program, operated by UTM Campus Police, allows users to check out a personal safety radio from police and/or register to receive regular check-ins from officers. UTM Campus Police can respond immediately should a personal emergency arise. Find out more or register at the UTM Campus Police office in room 3116, William G. Davis Building, or call 905-828-5200.

WalkSafer Program

WalkSafer Program PDF

Do you prefer not to walk alone on campus — anytime, day or night? Call a WalkSafer escort — a team will come to your location and walk you to your destination, including waiting with you at a bus stop. WalkSafer escorts are student employees of UTM Campus Police, with direct radio or cellphone contact with police. During off-peak hours, the service is provided by UTM building patrollers or Special Constables. This service is available 24/7/365. Contact WalkSafer at 905-828-5200.