Peel Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers

A Safer University is Your Call

Peel Crime Stoppers

  • 1-800-222-TIPS
  • Locally at 905-455-TIPS (8477)

The Peel Crime Stoppers Program was introduced to UTM in April 1996. It is a program designed to help police resolve cases of crime by allowing community members a venue of providing tips anonymously.

UTM prides itself on being safe environment, however, incidents of crime do occur on campus. University Police investigates all reported crime at UTM. On occasion, the service profiles cases on the University Police Web Page and the Medium Newspaper for the purpose of seeking assistance (tips) from the community.

How It Works at UTM

  • A crime is committed or is about to be committed on campus.
  • You have information that can help, but wish to remain anonymous when providing that information to police.
  • Call Peel Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or locally at 905-455-TIPS (8477)
  • Your information will be taken in strict confidence. There is NO CALL DISPLAY on these phones. Your anonymity is guaranteed.
  • You will be given a secret code number. You must keep this confidential to insure you remain anonymous.
  • After three to four weeks, contact Peel Crime Stoppers, give your secret code number and you will be updated as to the progress of your tip.
  • If your tip leads to an arrest, you could qualify for a cash reward.

Visit the Peel Crime Stoppers web site at