Increase in Fraud Scams

Community Alert: Increase in Fraud Scams

Community Alert

UTM Campus Safety has noticed an increase in students reporting fraud scams. Victims have reported losing a substantial amount of money (sometimes exceeding $10,000). 

Campus Safety would like to take this opportunity to remind you to never provide any personal or banking information to unverified sources. 

Unsure if the email or phone call is legit? Call your parents or Campus Safety FIRST before proceeding any further. Campus Safety Officers can help you verify if it is legit or a scam.

There are various ways fraudsters attempt to target and exploit victims. This can include telephone calls, phising emails, and online scams. Fraudsters continuously change their tactics and have embraced new technologies as a way to engage, target, and exploit victims, often with devestating financial and emotional effects. 

You can protect yourself and greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim by stopping, fact checking the information, and never giving out personal or banking information. 

For more fraud prevention awareness and tips,
please Click Here 
or visit the Community Safety Office Fraud Prevention Page