Fire Warden Duties

The Fire Warden's primary responsibility is to manage the evacuation of all persons from his/her designated area during a fire or other emergency.  

Fire Wardens will be selected from different areas in each building. Once selected he/she is responsible for the following:

  • obtaining and reviewing a copy of the Fire Safety Plan of their respective building
  • becoming familiar with their work areas, exits and the locations of fire hoses/extinguishers and pull stations
  • becoming familiar with persons requiring assistance in their assigned area, ensuring that Campus Police is up-to-date in regards to persons requiring assistance

Fire Wardens will carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Advice all persons within your assigned area to evacuate via the nearest safe exit during a fire or other emergency.
  • Assist in the evacuation of persons with disabilities.
  • Once your assigned area is clear, ensure that the entrance into the building is not congested. Direct people away from the entrance of the buildings.
  • Promptly follow all instructions provided by Campus Police and the Mississauga Fire Department.
  • Participating in Fire Drills in their respective buildings.
  • Attending bi-annual Fire Warden Training sessions.
  • Reporting and fire hazards to Campus Police and the Department of Facilities Management and Planning.
  • Ensure that Campus Police and the assigned back-up Fire Warden is aware of any scheduled absence.

When a fire or other emergency occurs in your area:

  • Leave the area affected by fire/emergency, ensure that all persons in the immediate vicinity are aware and exit immediately.
  • Close all doors behind you.
  • Activate the fire alarm signal by pulling the manual 'pull station.'
  • Telephone Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services via (911) from a safe location.
  • Exit the building and report and relevant information to Campus Police or Mississauga Fire Department.

When a fire or other emergency occurs in another area:

  • Initiate any pre-planned procedures for persons requiring assistance.
  • Check your designated search area, advising all persons in your area to promptly evacuate in a calm manner.
  • Shut down the following; hazardous laboratory equipment, processes, machinery and pressurized cylinders.
  • Check all meeting rooms and washrooms in your assigned area. Before entering any room, feel the doorknob for heat. Open the door slowly, if you feel pressure or a hot draft close the door and move on. Report the area to Campus Police or MFD when you reach you exit point.
  • If safe to do so, conduct second check of assigned area.
  • When you exit the building ensure that fire routes are clear and all persons are in the designated waiting area.
  • Do not allow re-enter until the 'all clear' is given by MFD.