UTM Field Course Opportunities

Field courses are university credit courses that take place away from the university campus, usually at a research station in a rural or wilderness location. Most field courses have a very small class size (usually 20 students or less), so they provide an opportunity for students to interact closely with the course instructor(s), and to collaborate with other students who share the same interests.
There are two ways in which UTM students can join a field course:

  1. University of Toronto courses
    • The University of Toronto offers several field courses through its three campuses in such locations as the arctic, New World tropics, southeast Asia, Maritimes, and U of T’s scientific reserve and field station in the Greater Toronto area.
    • These courses are very popular and enrollment is limited. Students interested in taking these courses (some are not offered every year) should contact the department of the campus that is offering the course well before the deadline.
    • For information about the courses offered by the St. George Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department (EEB) including deadlines and information sessions, visit the EEB field course site (this page also contains information about the Ontario University Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) courses but UTM students do not apply to EEB for those courses).
  2. Ontario University Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) courses
    • Through a cooperative arrangement amongst Ontario Universities, UTM students have access to field courses taught by professors throughout Ontario. UTM students can register for some of these courses using the UTM BIO 316H and/or the St. George EEB 306H1 designation.
    • These courses are also conducted world-wide in the tropics, the arctic, the mountains as well as many in Ontario.
    • Each field course has its own particular requirements and students should examine the syllabus for each course for details and pre-requisites.
    • Courses usually last 1 week (1/4 course credit) or 2 weeks (1/2 credit) so you will have to take two 1 week courses or one 2 week course to satisfy your course load requirement. Students and faculty work intensively together making measurements and examining organisms. Often the courses also provide the opportunity for students to conduct and report on a short research project.
    • Visit the OUPFB course site for a listing of all courses. OUPFB courses for the coming year are announced on the bulletin board outside Room 3032 in early January each year and applications are accepted soon after to Ms Yen Du (phone: 905-828-3999; email: yen.du@utoronto.ca), Rm 3030 (do not apply to EEB for these courses). Students should check this bulletin board starting in the new year.
    • Students can also contact Diane Matias at any time for information.
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