Summer NSERC USRA Program

Please note that the application for Summer 2020 NSERC USRA is now open.

Biology Department Deadline: March 5, 2020 (4pm)

2020 Biology NSERC USRA Guidelines & Instructions.pdf

USRA 2020_FAQs.pdf


  1. Complete the latest version of the application form (Form 202, Part I) online. Follow the instructions. and adhere to NSERC’s General Presentation Guideline. HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  2. Order a copy of your transcripts. Deliver them to the Biology Department (DV3056). They will be scanned and emailed back to you. Upload the emailed copy to your NSERC application.
  3. Once Form 202–Part I has been completed, provide your prospective supervisor with the reference number generated by the system so that s/he may complete Part II of the form.
  4. Email a copy of your Form 202 – Part 1 to
  5. Supervisor should email a copy of the Form 202 – Part 2 to
  6. Once both parts of the form have been completed and verified the supervisor can submit the USRA application.
  7. Complete the Student/Supervisor Certification form. It must bear both your and your supervisor’s signatures. Once signed, submit it in person to the Biology Department (DV3056) - 2020 Student-Supervisor Certification.doc

The Department of Biology has received 4 awards to distribute this year.  The Department can, however, submit requests above their quota for students who self identify as Indigenous.  If you would consider yourself as indigenous and have secured a supervisor, please contact Stephanie do Rego ( as soon as possible.


Contact: Stephanie do Rego