Ontario Biology Day

Due to the escalating health concerns relating to COVID-19, the McMaster University Ontario Biology Day (OBD) Local Organizing Committee, has made the decision to cancel OBD 2020 (originally scheduled to take place on March 21-22, 2020)
On the weekend of March 23rd &24th, 2019, Western University was the host of the 32nd annual Ontario Biology Day student conference. The fantastic Ontario biology community gathered at Western University's London campus.
Ontario Biology Day provides a fantastic opportunity for biology students to share and showcase their research. As student approaching the completion of their undergraduate careers, Ontario Biology Day serves as a venue to make connections, engage with other researchers, inspire others and to be inspired by current research. Ontario Biology Day is about providing a welcoming environment for students to share their passion and accomplishments.
The participating students had the opportunity to hear lectures by Dr. Brock Fenton, a distinguished academic and long time member of the Western biology family, and Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, a program alumnus and Founding President of Let's Talk Science. Also, the Ontario Biology Day 2019 Banquet provided an incredible networking opportunity, while enjoying great food, drinks and live entertainment.
Congratulations to all UTM Biology students who participated at #OBD2019
Mario Filice (Prof. Tim Westwood)
Sian Milne  (Prof. Sasa Stefanovic)
Amy Dao (Prof. Bailey McMeans)
Arifbillah Sarowar (Prof. Bryan Stewart)
Jessica Balgobin, Thomas Younen and Tiger Wu (Prof. Christoph Richter and Prof. Monika Havelka)
Jona Gjevori (Prof. Helene Wagner)
Sandy Chau, Haya Habib (Prof. Helene Wagner, Prof. Christoph Richter and Prof. Sanja Hinic-Frlog)
Zaleena Akheralie (Prof. Ted Erclik)
Ahmed Akhlaq, Hasnaan Katal  (Prof. Steven Chatfield and Prof. Christoph Richter)
Andrew Crozier (Prof. Sanja Hinic-Frlog)
Anuj Kaushal (Prof. Bryan Stewart)
Agatha Tymczak  (Prof. Voula Kanelis)
Samuel Fung (Prof. Mary Cheng)
Ravneet Jaura (Prof. Ho-Sung Rhee)
Samar Abou-Khrebieh, Kiana Gashas, Neel Mistry, Gill Onate &  Denys Pushenko (Prof. Sanja Hinic-Frlog)
Catherine Burzynski , Zahra Syed (Prof. Jade Atallah)
Dharyia Bhatt, David Devcic (Prof. Jade Atallah)
Alex Merianos, Nasif Iqbal (Prof. Steven Chatfield and Prof. Sanja Hinic-Frlog)
Our students won 3 out 6 awards at #OBD2019:
Award of Excellence - Best Overall Poster: Sam Fung (Prof. Mary Cheng)
Award of Excellence - Best Science Education Poster: Samar Abou-Khrebieh, Kiana Gashas, Neel Mistry, Gill Onate & Denys Pushenko (Prof. Sanja Hinic-Frlog)
Award of Excellence - Best Ecology & Evolution Talk: Jona Gjevori (Prof. Helene Wagner)
Big and proud Congratulations to these students and their supervisors!