Research & Teaching

The TRTE plant collections assist faculty and students of the University of Toronto with their research projects and teaching needs. The research projects include phylogenetic analysis of plant taxa, ecological studies of habitats and plant communities, comparative floristic work in Ontario, and plant taxonomic studies, including significant contributions to the Flora of North America (FNA) project. Faculty that have ongoing botanical research at TRTE include Peter Ball, Paul Maycock, Sasa Stefanovic, and Peter Kotanen, among others. The herbarium is also available for use by investigators from other universities, individuals from government agencies and environmental consulting firms, as well as the general public. Also, plant specimens are actively collected for teaching used in various undergraduate and graduate courses, including Plant identification and systematics (BIO339), Plant Ecology (BIO330), Changing Ontario Environment (BIO317), Arctic Ecology (BIO302), and the Field Course in Ecology (BIO316). In addition, duplicates are frequently obtained from and sent to NHIC, CAN, DAO, and MICH herbaria.