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Stephanie knows best!

Why UTM? Check her pics!


Which U of T campus is best for you? A quick look at what makes each one unique

The article above was published on U of T News mid August 2021 and details the factors that sets one campus apart from another like location, program offerings, campus culture, and of course, deer sighting.
University of Toronto Mississauga is the second largest division of the University of Toronto, Canada's largest university and furthermore, Biology at UTM offers a first-class undergraduate biology degree, a stepping stone to many career options, including world-class research, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, forensics and more.
Stephanie do Rego, Assistant to the Chair, loves the campus and she takes pictures every chance she has. Here are some of her pictures (follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cdnmomof3 )
  • Entrance
  • trail
  • pond
  • Canada goose
  • hare
  • ducks
  • pond
  • stairs
  • NM
  • Davis
  • Lilehurst
  • new building
  • CCIt
  • moon
  • view from Davis
  • new front entrance gym
  • Biology hallway
  • pond
  • sky
  • deer