Biology Seminar Series

When: Fridays, 12-1pm (unless otherwise indicated)

Where: CC2150 (unless otherwise indicated)

Every Friday during the academic year, the Department of Biology hosts an exciting seminar given by a guest speaker. Topics cover every aspect of biology, from whole organisms to molecular biology. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Feel free to bring your lunch. Coffee, tea and cookies will be provided. Please bring your own mug if possible, to help us reduce waste.

Upcoming Seminar:

Our seminar series has concluded for the year. Please check back in the fall for the new seminar schedule.

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2019-2020 Seminar Schedule

Date Room Speaker / Title Host
Sept 13 CC2150

Dr.Rosalind L. Murray, UTM

Ecological immunity in insects

Ms. Christine Palermo, UTM

Metagenomic analysis of virus diversity and relative abundance in a eutrophic freshwater harbour

Seminar Poster

Dr. Adriano Senatore
Sept 20 CC2150

Dr. Carly Ziter, Concordia University

Thinking beyond the park: landscape structure, land-use history, and biodiversity shape urban ecosystem services

Seminar Poster

Dr. Marc Johnson
Sept 27 CC2150

Dr. Heather L. Eisthen, Michigan State University

Toxic relationships: Production, detection, and resistance to tetrodotoxin in rough-skinned newts

Seminar Poster

Dr. Joel Levine
Oct 4 CC2150

Dr. Anthony G. Vecchiarelli, University of Michigan

Homeostasis of a Bacterial Organelle

Seminar Poster

Dr. Tim Westwood

Dr. George Espie

Oct 11 CC2150

Dr. Clint D. Kelly, Université du Québec à Montréal


Sexual selection and phenotypic diversity within and between the sexes in the Wellington tree weta

Seminar Poster

Dr. Rosalind Murray

Dr. Shannon McCauley

Oct 25 CC2150

Dr. Jennifer A. Mitchell, University of Toronto

Stable KLF4 protein in pluripotent stem cells overrides transcriptional control and blocks differentiation

Seminar Poster

Dr. Ho-Sung Rhee
Nov 1 CC2150

Dr. Tariq A. Akhtar, University of Guelph

Plant polyisoprenoids - secondary metabolites or physiologicaly important superlipids?

Seminar Poster

Dr. Michael Phillips
Nov 8 CC2150

Dr. Marc Laflamme, University of Toronto Mississauga

Complexity in the oldest animal communities

Seminar Poster

Dr. Adriano Senatore
Nov 15 CC2150

Dr. Paul Galpern, University of Calgary

The merits of messy fields: bees, beneficials, and crop yields in the Canadian Prairies

Seminar Poster

Dr. Helene Wagner
Nov 22 CC2150

Dr. Andrew Lang, Memorial University

Gene transfer agents: when bacteria catch phage and put them to work

Seminar Poster

Dr. Steven Short
Nov 29 CC2150

Dr. Eliana Gonzalez-Vigil, University of Toronto Scarborough

Peeling off the secrets of poplar cuticles

Seminar Poster

Dr. Katharina Braeutigam
Dec 6 CC2150

Dr. Gabriel Gellner, University of Guelph

Diversity-Stability patterns resulting from biologically constrained food web models

Seminar Poster

Dr. Bailey McMeans
Jan 10 CC2150

Dr. Mingshan Xue, Baylor College of Medicine

Inhibitory dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders

Seminar Poster

Dr. Baohua Liu
Jan 17 CC2150

Dr. Natasha Mhatre, Western University

A tool to sing and an amplifier to hear: the O. henryi story

Seminar Poster

Dr. Darryl Gwynne
Jan 24 CC2150

Dr. Jannice Friedman, Queen's University

Ecological genetics of life cycle variation in plants: the seed to succeed across spatial scales

Seminar Poster

Dr. Marc Johnson
Jan 31 CC2150

Dr. Gary Bader, University of Toronto

Single Cell Genomics

Seminar Poster

Dr. Adriano Senatore
Feb 7 CC2150

Dr. Yuhong He, University of Toronto Mississauga

Quantifying Vegetation Stress from the Leaf to Landscape Scale Using Remote Sensing

Seminar Poster

Dr. Ingo Ensminger
Feb 14 CC2150

Dr. Konrad Lohse, The University of Edinburgh

Deconstructing the genomic lanscape of speciation in butterflies

Seminar Poster

Dr. Rob Ness
Feb 28 CC2150

Dr. David S. Goodsell, Scripps Research Institute

Modeling and Visualizing the Molecular Cell

Seminar Poster

Dr. Derek Ng
Mar 6 CC2150

Dr. Amanda Moehring, Western University

Genetic and neural basis of female receptivity

Seminar Poster

Dr. Joel Levine
Mar 13 CC2150

Dr. John Inglis, Dr. Samantha Hindle, bioRxiv


Seminar Poster

Dr. Joel Levine
Mar 19 IB235

Dr. Heather E. McFarlane, University of Toronto

Sending the right signals for plant cell wall synthesis and remodelling

Seminar Poster

Dr. Ingo Ensminger
Mar 26 IB235

Dr. Howard Lipshitz, University of Toronto

Regulation and function of mRNP complexes in Drosophila

Seminar Poster

Dr. Ted Erclik
Apr 2 IB235

Super Speaker: Dr. Steven Altschuler, University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Organizing principles for complex tissues

Seminar Poster