Biology Seminar Series

When: Fridays, 12-1pm (unless otherwise indicated)

Where: CC2150 Fall Semester/DV2082 Winter Semester (unless otherwise indicated)

Every Friday during the academic year, the Department of Biology hosts an exciting seminar given by a guest speaker. Topics cover every aspect of biology, from whole organisms to molecular biology. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Feel free to bring your lunch. Coffee, tea and cookies will be provided. Please bring your own mug if possible, to help us reduce waste.

Upcoming Seminar:

September 14, 2018

Dr. Kathryn Harris (UTM) & Ms. Celina Baines (UTM)

Seminar Title TBA



2018-2019 Seminar Schedule

Date Room Speaker / Title Host
Sept 14 CC2150

Dr. Kathryn Harris, UTM

Ms. Celina Baines, UTM

Dr. Adriano Senatore
Sept 21 CC2150

Dr. Joseph Ryan, The Whitney Laboratory, FL USA

Dr. Adriano Senatore
Sept 28 CC2150

Dr. Simon Chen, University of Ottawa, ON CAN

Dr. Baohua Liu
Oct 5 CC2150

Dr. Ying Sun, Cornell University, NY USA

Dr. Ingo Ensminger
Oct 12   Fall Reading Week - No Seminar  
Oct 19 CC2150

Dr. Arneet Saltzman, University of Toronto, ON CAN

Dr. Katharina Braeutigam
Oct 26 CC2150

Dr. Thomas Fazzio
University of Massachusetts, MA USA

Dr. Ho Sung Rhee
Nov 2 CC2150

Dr. Brian Langerhans, North Carolina State university, NC USA

Dr. Marc Johnson
Nov 9 CC2150

Dr. Karla Kaun, Brown University, RI USA

Dr. Joel Levine
Nov 16 CC2150

Dr. Ryan Franckowiak, Queen’s University, ON CAN

Dr. Helene Wagner
Nov 23 CC2150

Dr. Marie Elliot, McMaster University, ON CAN

Dr. Steven Short
Nov 30 CC2150

Dr. Sally Aitken, University of British Columbia, BC CAN

Dec 7 CC2150

Dr. Daniel Vasiliauskas, Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, France

Dr. Ted Erclik
Jan 11 DV2082

Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo, University of Chicago, IL USA

Dr. Robert Reisz
Jan 18 DV2082

Dr. Kate Boersma, University of San Diego, CA USA

Dr. Shannon McCauley
Jan 25 DV2082

Dr. Raju Soolanayakanahally, University of Regina, SK CAN

Dr. Katharina Braeutigam
Feb 1 DV2082

Dr. Janet Iwasa, University of Utah, UT USA

Dr. Marc Dryer
Feb 8 DV2082

Dr. Jonathan Armstrong, Oregon State University, OR USA

Dr. Bailey McMeans
Feb 15 DV2082

Dr. Kenta Asahina, The Salk Institute, CA USA

Dr. Joel Levine
Feb 22 DV2082 Winter Reading Week - No Seminar  
Mar 1 DV2082

Dr. Karl Obrietan, Ohio State University, OH USA

Dr. Mary Cheng
Mar 8 DV2082

Dr. Lars Schmitz, Claremont McKenna College, CA USA

Dr. Sanja Hinic-Frlog
Mar 15 DV2082

Dr. Andy Jones, Oregon State University, OR USA

Dr. Helene Wagner
Mar 22 DV2082

Dr. Lauren Schroeder, University of Toronto Mississauga, ON CAN

Dr. Darryl Gwynne
Mar 29 DV2082 Dr. Martin Chalfie, Columbia University, NY USA SUPER SPEAKER
Apr 5 DV2082

Dr. Huizhong Tao
University of Southern California, CA USA

Dr. Baohua Liu
Apr 12 CC2150 Dr. Penney Gilbert, University of Toronto, ON CAN Dr. Bryan Stewart