Herbarium loans are made only to other internationally registered herbaria (see Index Herbariorum for a list of recognized institutions). The specimen loans are for phylogenetic, taxonomic, and ecological research projects of vascular plants only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. These loans are made generally for a period of one year. If further time is required, an extension should be requested. As far as possible, all loaned specimens should be annotated. While on loan, our specimens must be stored in metal cabinets and in a way that will ensure their protection from insects, humidity, and other damage. They must be handled with great care and not bent, cut, folded, or laid face downwards. If small portions have become detached, please place the loose material in attached paper packets. If more serious damage has occurred please inform us immediately. Material for palynological, anatomical, and molecular studies must not be dissected or removed from any herbarium specimen without prior written approval from a curator. We would appreciate receiving any publications resulting from studies based on TRTE collections.

Please contact us through mail or email and we will provide you with all additional information and forms necessary. Requests for specimen loans should be made by mail or email and directed to one of the curators. These requests should be made directly by the curator/manager of the receiving herbarium.