Teaching Greenhouse Requests

Teaching Greenhouse

To order plants from the Teaching Greenhouse, please fill out the Teaching Greenhouse Request form. Please include all applicable detail such as:

  • all soil requirements
  • all pot requirements
  • any ongoing maintenance your plants may require from the greenhouse staff
  • how long are the plants expected to be in the greenhouse? (i.e. length of time of the experiment)

Download the file and save it to your computer with a new name. Fill in the text fields, re-save the file and email it to utm.biotgh@utoronto.ca. Once received:

  1. The request will be printed
  2. The planting calendar will be updated
  3. The request form will be added to Drop Box
  4. An email confirmation will be sent

Teaching Greenhouse Request Form

Research Greenhouse

To request space in the Research Greenhouse, please the following form:

UTM Research Greenhouse Space Request Form (revised March 2018)