Luis Arias

Luis Antonio Arias Medellin

PhD student Biology (EEB) - Helene Wagner Supervisor
(905) 569-4696
Office Location:

Courses (TA): Biometrics (BIO360), Ecology (BIO205)

Research: Plant conservation, landscape ecology, plant population ecology, endangered plant species


  • Outstanding Scholarship by University of Toronto


  • Scientific article. Hurtado-Díaz, M., J. Guzmán-Ontiveros, L.A. Arias-Medellín, L. Hernández-Cadena, G.L. Moreno-Banda, S.L. Rodriguez-Dozal, J.L. Texcalac-Sangrador, P.E. Zúñiga-Bello and H. Riojas-Rodríguez. 2017. Influence of increasing temperature on the scorpion sting incidence by climatic regions. International Journal of Climatology doi: 10.1002/joc.5318
  • Scientific article. Arias-Medellín, L.A., C. Bonfil and M.T. Valverde. 2016. Population ecology of Agave angustifolia in Xochicalco, Morelos: an evaluation of its potential for ecological restoration. Botanical Sciences 94 (3): 94 (3): 513-530.
  • Scientific article. Arias-Medellín, L.A., A. Flores-Palacios and C. Martínez-Garza. 2014. Cacti community structure in a tropical Mexican dry forest under chronic disturbance. Botanical Sciences 92 (3): 405-415. URL:
  • Book Chapter. Hurtado-Díaz, M., L.A. Arias-Medellín y H. Riojas-Rodríguez. 2013. Health variability associated to the variability and climate change in the Morelos state. 203-249 pp. In Ortiz, M.L. et al., “Climate change. Vulnerability of the key sectors in Morelos state”.Centre of Research in Biotechnology. Autonomous University of Morelo’s State. ISBN 978-607-7771-95-1.
  • State report. Sustainable Development Secretary, Morelos State Government.
  • Coauthor of the report “Action state program for the climate change in Morelos, PEACCMOR”. Sustainable Development Secretary, Morelos State Government. 180 pp.
  • Book. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL).
  • Collaborator of the book “The economy of the climate change in Central America. Evidence of the diseases sensible to the climate”. 84 pp.