Biology Seminar Series

When: Fridays, 12-1pm (unless otherwise indicated)

Where: KN137

Every Friday during the academic year, the Department of Biology hosts an exciting seminar given by a guest speaker. Topics cover every aspect of biology, from whole organisms to molecular biology. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Feel free to bring your lunch. Coffee, tea and cookies will be provided. Please bring your own mug if possible, to help us reduce waste.

Upcoming Seminar:

The Biology Seminars are done for another year. Please check back in September for the 2018-2019 seminar schedule.


2017-2018 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker / Title Host
Sept 8

John Tuthill, Univ. Washington

Neural coding of leg proprioception in Drosophila

Joel Levine
Sept 15

Ernest Earon, PrecisionHawk

Cutting edge drone technologies for the biological sciences

Ingo Ensminger
Sept 22

Bjoern Hamberger, Michigan State

All you need is GGDP: Production of high-value plant diterpenes

Please Note: This seminar has moved to IB150

Michael Phillips
Sept 29

Nathalie Isabel, Laurentian Forestry (NRC)

Journey into the genome of Conifer trees: Achievements, lessons, and challenges!

Seminar Poster

Ingo Ensminger
Oct 6

Paul Faure, McMaster

Temporal processing and duration tuning in the mammalian auditory midbrain

John Ratcliffe
Oct 13 Fall Reading Week - No Seminar  
Oct 20

Hans-Dieter Sues, Smithsonian

New insights into the origin of the turtle body plan

Note: Seminar will take place in IB380

Robert Reisz
Oct 27

Linda Kohn, UTM

Stability and evolution at the population/species interface: What & How

UTM / Joel Levine
Nov 3

James Vonesh, Virginia Commonwealth

Predator effects in predator-free space - The remote effects of predator mediated through prey with complex life histories

Shannon McCauley
Nov 10

Milla Rautio, Univ. Québec, Chicoutimi

Life under lake ice: the role of active and colorful zooplankton in linking seasons and trophic levels

Bailey McMeans
Nov 17

Joerg Bohlmann, UBC

Fragrance biosynthesis in tropical sandalwood

Michael Phillips
Nov 24

Jim Anderson, UTM

The humungous fungus of Northern Michigan three decades on

Note: Seminar will take place in IB380

UTM / George Espie
Dec 1

Shelley Adamo, Dalhousie

Prepare for attack!: predator effects on the physiological networks of prey

Shannon McCauley
Dec 8

Marjorie Weber, Michigan State

The evolution of plant traits that attract bodyguards: integrating ecological interactions and macroevolution

Weber Research Website

Marc Johnson
Jan 5

Patrick James, Univ. Montréal

Using population genetics to better understand the spatio-temporal dynamics of insect outbreaks?

James Research Website

Helene Wagner
Jan 12

Takao Hensch, Harvard

Mechanisms underlying critical periods of brain development

Hensch Research Website

Joel Levine
Jan 19

Jumi Shin, UTM

Protein design and engineering, directed evolution, anti-cancer protein drugs, genomic mutations

Shin Research Website

UTM / Michael Phillips
Jan 26

John Calarco, Univ. Toronto

Exploring mRNA diversity in the nervous system

Calarco Research Website

Seminar Flyer

Tim Westwood
Feb 2

Sean Todd, College of the Atlantic

Photo-identification and biopsy of finback and humpback whales, bioacoustic assessments

Todd Research Website

Seminar Flyer

Christoph Richter
Feb 9

Karen Mossman, McMaster

Novel insights into virus-host interactions: can this help cure cancer?

Steve Short
Feb 16

Charles Baer, Univ. Florida

Using mutation as a lens on natural selection

Baer Research Website

Rob Ness
Feb 23 Winter Reading Week - No Seminar  
Mar 2

Shelley Arnott, Queen's University

The effect of calcium decline on lake communities

Arnott Research Website

Bailey McMeans
Mar 9

Cameron Carlyle, Univ. Alberta

Cattle grazing effects on grassland ecosystem goods and services: forage production, carbon cycling and biodiversity

Helene Wagner
Mar 16

Jamie Kramer, Western

Functional investigation of neuronal gene regulatory networks involved in intellectual disability

Kramer Research Lab

Tim Westwood
Mar 23

Grad. Student Speakers (TBD), UTM

Dachin Frances (McCauley Lab) - The effects of warming on aquatic invertebrates: individual to community responses

Pascale Bouchard Cannon (Cheng Lab) - Establishing the circadian transcriptional landscape

John Ratcliffe / Joel Levine
Mar 30 Good Friday - No Seminar  
Apr 6

Grad. Student Super Speaker, UTM

Mohamed Noor, Duke University

Recombination rate influences adaptation and speciation: studies in the Drosophila pseudoobscura species group

Seminar Poster

Note: Seminar will take place in IB150

UTM Bio. Grad. Students