2018 Summer NSERC USRA

Applications are now closed for both USRA and UTEA

Summer NSERC USRA Projects

  1. Applications will be available in February 2019 for Summer 2019.
  2. Students must meet eligibility requirements. Refer to: NSERC 2018 Summer Information.pdf
  3. Students must have an eligible supervisor. A list of eligible biologist is here: Eligible Supervisors.pdf
  4. Order transcripts. Bring sealed transcripts to Stephanie in DV3056. She will scan and send them back to you.
  5. Complete Form 202 Part I. Attached scanned transcripts. Submit to your part for on line viewing by your supervisor.
  6. Send your supervisor your reference number provided by the system.
  7. Supervisor to complete and submit Form 202 Part II by the same deadline.
  8. Student and supervisor must sign the Student-Supervisor Certification Form (in ink): 2018-2019 Student-Supervisor Certification.doc
  9. A complete application includes hard copies of Form 202 Part I and II, signed Student-Supervisor Certification and an official copy of all post-secondary transcripts.

University of Toronto Excellence Awards (UTEA)

This award aims to provide undergraduate students with funding to conduct a summer research project under an eligible faculty member's supervision. There are 2 UTEA awards available across the entire UTM. Please refer to the program guidelines (attached to this email).

Please note the following:

  • Applications will be available in February 2019 for Summer 2019.
  • Students do not need to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents to hold a UTEA, this is different than the NSERC USRA in which only Canadian/permanent residents are eligible.
  • The supervisor of a UTEA-NSE recipient must be a faculty member holding a  NSERC grant administered through UTM, either as the principal investigator or the co-investigator.
  • Only one (1) UTEA application from each UTM academic department may be submitted.

Application instructions:

If student applied for an NSERC USRA they will be considered for a UTEA automatically - a separate application is not required at this time. The chosen student will be contacted by Stephanie by March 7th. If the student is not applying for an NSERC USRA they must complete the UTEA application.

  1. The applicant’s official transcript (sealed in envelope) is to be attached to Part 1 of the application and submitted to Stephanie do Rego in DV3056.  
  2. The supervisor should submit Part II of the application to Stephanie do Rego in DV3056.
  3. For each UTEA award, the faculty supervisor must complete an application using the My Research ­ Applications (MRA) online system: http://www.research.utoronto.ca/my-research/.

Applications will be available in February 2019 for Summer 2019.