UTM Biology Grads receive awards!

Connor Fitzpatrick and Helen Rodd
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 11:03am

Two students from Shannon McCauley’s lab and one from Marc Johnson’s lab were honored for their work in the department at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Appreciation Night.
Sarah French (PhD, McCauley) and Connor Fitzpatrick (PhD, Johnson) were awarded the Harold Harvey Prize and Dachin Frances (PhD, McCauley) was the runner-up for this award. The Harold Harvey Prize celebrates graduate students who make sustained contributions to the intellecutual life of the EEB Graduate Department on all three campuses. Evidence of contributions includes, but is not limited to, graduate leadership positions, organizing discussion groups, short courses, and academic or community events.
In addition Connor Fitzpatrick was awarded the Peter Abrams Prize. The Abrams Prize celebrates the sustained research excellence of senior PhD students, who have demonstrated excellence in research based on their publications and conference presentations.
Congratulations to Sarah, Connor and Dachin on their amazing accomplishments!