Zeynab Asadi-Lari (LinkedIn pic)

Tragic loss

Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 2:18pm

UTM Biology community mourns the loss of Ms. Zeynab Asadi-Lari (Biology for Health Science major & Biomedical Communication minor) and her brother in the crash of flight PS75 near Teheran. Our thoughts go out to their family and friends with whom we all mourn together.

Ms Zeynab Asadi-Lari was a great mentor and leader as President of UTM STEM fellowship.  She was member of Young Canadian Roundtable on Health, Youth Mental Association, National Young Leader  and she was intern at WHO, where she became admin for the Eastern Mediterranean Region Constituency (EMRC) of The Global Fund.

On her LinkedIn page, Zeynab wrote:

As an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto (transferred from University of British Columbia) pursuing her Honours Bachelor of Sciences degree, Zeynab has a strong admiration for medicine, public & global health, STEM education, mental Health advocacy, and humanitarianism. Devoted to achieve success, she is always willing to challenge herself and expand her knowledge through unique experiences. She is passionate about youth leadership, student engagement, and community work, all helping her step out of her comfort zone, connecting with the outside world

Her brother, Mohammad Asadi-Lari, was an MD/PhD student (Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto) and Co-Founder and Managing Director of STEM Fellowship.


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