Prof. Fiona Rawle pens a letter to her #UTMBIO152 students

Prof. Fiona Rawle
Friday, September 6, 2019 - 9:30am

Prof. Fiona Rawle is passionate about teaching, and this is a well-known fact, not the news. This September, she reached out to her students taking BIO152, with a genuine and warmhearted letter:

Dear Students,

1. I'm so glad you're here. You belong here.

2. This term is going to be challenging&tough, but rewarding as well. You are here to learn, to explore, & to push boundaries. I’m here to help you do this, but you need to take the lead on learning. You have my support and I believe in you.

3. Allow yourself to take risks, to push boundaries, & to try new things. Your failures don’t define you – but they can empower you. We need to get comfortable with failure as it is an essential part of learning and of science.

4. You aren’t competing with others–you are competing with yourself. Help each other & pull each other up. Science depends on collaboration–the biggest challenges we face (like climate change, antibiotic resistance, access to clean water) will only be solved if we work together.

5. To me, you are more than a number. I want to learn your names and know who you are as a person. I care about your mental health, wellbeing, & life goals.

6. You aren’t alone. Many people around you feel overwhelmed and unsure – and that’s ok. We’re in this together…so let’s get started.

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Prof. Rawle credits the idea to her colleague Prof. Nicole Campbell, Western University.

To all #UTMBiology & #UTM students: we are glad you are here. You belong here!