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Invite to Dr. Vineet Joag' Seminar

You are invited to the last Immunology Candidate Seminar, April 26, 2023, from 11am-12pm, in DV1148 (coffee and treats)

 Dr. Vineet Joag, Post-Doctoral Associate, University of Minnesota

 Vaccine-elicited CD8 resident memory T cells mobilize hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells in defense against HIV.



CD8 resident memory T cells (TRM) are poised in non-lymphoid tissues to survey and eradicate infected or malignant cells, yet underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. We recently showed that a TRM-inducing vaccine durably protects rhesus macaques against vaginal challenge with simian HIV at sub-optimal levels of anti-HIV neutralizing antibodies. Here, we synchronized tissue-wide reactivation of CD8 TRM in rhesus macaques to examine systemic and local effects. Responding CD8 TRM triggered activation of innate lymphoid cells to produce IFN-g, resulting in the upregulation of interferon-stimulated genes in all cells examined. Tissue stromal cells upregulated factors that provide chemotactic guidance and facilitate cell motility, and downregulated extracellular matrix protein production. These local adaptations occurred concomitant to the recruitment of circulating B cells, plasma cells, CD8 and CD4 T cells into vaginal tissue and CD4 T cells displayed an HIV-resistant phenotype. Collectively we show that CD8 TRM accentuate the ability of essentially every local hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic cell to participate in tissue immunity, by amplifying local responses and mobilizing systemic leukocytes.



Mucosal surfaces in our body such as the reproductive tract, skin and digestive tract are persistently exposed to infectious agents and are susceptible to cellular transformation and cancer. The overarching goal of my research program is to understand how memory T and B cells that reside within tissues orchestrate an immune defense against mucosal pathogens. My academic training in human immunology and using non-human primate and mouse models gives me a comprehensive toolbox to make foundational discoveries and translate knowledge from bench-to-clinic. My research program will use a variety of cutting-edge technologies such as intravital and confocal imaging and next-generation sequencing tools. The knowledge gained from my work will be used for the rational design of mucosal vaccines and immunotherapies against infectious diseases and cancer. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing tennis, biking, running, and kayaking.

Dr. Vineet Joag's poster for seminar