Vani, Sherry, Gurjap, Isabel

EczyApp: from BIO434 project to app stores worldwide

From strangers on Zoom, brainstorming ideas for a capstone assignment, to presenting our final BIO434 projects, to working after the course was over with our Professor and UTM ICUBE, to finally releasing our app for people living with eczema, the 'EczyApp' available worldwide on app stores -

Vani, Sherry, and Gurjap, with their associate, Isabel (pictured above) have come a long way. 

Leanne De Souza
Dr. Leanne De Souza-Kenney

The 3 women found a passion to help people living with eczema to manage and track their health, while reducing financial and stress burdens. All this as the fruits of their labour in their class- 'Social and Developmental Determinants of Human Health' - BIO434. After completing the capstone proposal, they realized they wanted to continue their passion project and make it a reality. They took Isabel on as an associate and learned so much from the campus incubator at UTM- ICUBE, coupled with the consistent support of their mentor Dr. Leanne De Souza-Kenney

“Here at ICUBE, we care deeply about helping students from all walks of life navigate the challenging waters of entrepreneurship. Looking forward, we are always welcoming new collaborations with faculty, staff, and students, and we truly cannot wait to see what the future has in store for EczyApp!”, said Ignacio Mongrell - Assistant Director, ICUBE UTM

EczyApp is now out on app stores, available worldwide. 



EczyApp is a start up which aims to help people with eczema manage, minimize, and learn more about their eczema. Our free app allows users to track their flare-ups and their triggers to see what exactly causes their eczema flare-ups. By helping eczema patients track and manage their eczema with a free app, we aim to make it easier for patients to understand what exactly is triggering their flare-ups. Moreover, users have access to a community forum where they will be able to ask questions, make posts, and comment on other user’s posts to share tips, and form a community. There is also exclusive videos by EczyApp on the app which users will have access to.

What's next for Vani, Sherry, Gurjap  and Isabel?

Vani Jain graduated in 2021 and she is currently working as a Physician Navigator in the Emergency Department of Etobicoke General Hospital & Peel memorial UCC. Also, she just finished working with Visions of Science as well as a facilitator!

Sherry Du is graduating this Spring 2022 and currently is doing a summer research project under Prof. Rosalind Murray on urban road salt pollution and mosquitoes. In the Fall she is going to be joining her lab as a Masters student. 

Gurjap Deol graduated in 2021 and she currently working as a Physician Navigator in the Emergency Department of Brampton Civic Hospital (WOHS). 

Isabel Yu is graduating this June 2022.  Currently, she finishing a project in the Holmes Social Neuroscience Lab at UTM on neurogenesis in short and long lived rodents. Next, hopefully she is moving to Boston to do research at McLean hospital!