Dylan Rowe

Dylan Rowe Is On A Roll

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 12:58pm

Dylan Rowe, MSc student in Prof. Robert Reisz Lab, is on a roll! 

This Fall, Rowe started his Masters in Prof. Robert Reisz Lab, an important step in fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a paleontologist.  Just before starting his graduated studies, the UTM Biology alumnus won the prestigious Pynn Family Paleontology Award, for having achieved high academic standing in his undergrad studies and for his interest in the field of paleontology.

Next, Rowe first authored the paper Multiple tooth-rowed parareptile from the early Permian of Oklahoma published by Frontiers in Earth Sciences. Granted, the paper was mostly written in undergrad. d rowe

"This paper describes a new species of primitive amniote known as a parareptile, originating from a fossil-rich area within Oklahoma. Computer tomography (CT) was used to scan the specimen and enable thorough, nonharmful analysis of both internal and external anatomy. The scan of this tiny insectivore was then segmented into a three-dimensional model allowing for detailed description. Delorhynchus multidentatus differs significantly from others of its kind in that it possesses two rows of teeth, a feature almost unseen in parareptiles as a whole. This lizardlike amniote is compared to both to its closest relatives, and to modern reptiles with similar patterns of dentition." wrote Rowe.

This is just the beginning:

"My current research focuses on several CT-scanned specimens of the insectivorous parareptile Delorhynchus, which was originally described based on a small fragment of upper jaw. Previously, the specimens that I am working with had only been described based on external anatomy, but with the use of CT scanning and segmentation, a comprehensive and detailed analysis of internal anatomy can be conducted. My goal is to fully visualize each specimen, provide thorough descriptions and potentially improve the taxonomic and phylogenetic definition of this stem amniote."

We are looking forward to see what's next on Dylan Rowe's graduate studies journey, here, in the Department of Biology at University of Toronto Mississauga.