Britney Glasgow-Osment

Britneys Glasgow-Osment wins 2 UTM Awards

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 4:07pm
The Department of Biology at University of Toronto Missisauga is proud of Britney Glasgow-Osment, Biology Health Science Major, as she won the Principal’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership Award and the Laura Krajewski Student Mentorship Award.
On wining the Laura Krajewski Student Mentorship Award, Britney wrote:
In practicing resilience, I have learned to build capacity to help others through kindness and community. As a student leader at UTM, I have dedicated my time to creating spaces where students have the opportunity to develop their own tools and skillset to persist. Mentorship enables me build these connections and speak to my own experiences that aim to empower current and incoming students to take the reins of their own journeys and engage in a holistic sense of growth. To me, this award not only recognizes my work, but it speaks to the power and value UTM places in student-led mentorship as a means to supporting the diverse and innovative minds that make UTM special! 
On winning  the Principal’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership Award, Britney wrote:
Like many, university for me has truly matched the ebb and flow of a river's steep declines, and bountiful peaks of regrowth. I've been inspired and supported by so many through these points that I wanted to extend my efforts to transform challenges into opportunities on a larger community scale. With a focus on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, Leadership Development and Innovation, this award recognizes the intentionality that I place in my community involvement and purposeful engagement across campus. This award marks an incredible triumph for me in accomplishing my missions to optimize the student experience and advocate for their needs and ambitions. I'm proud of my progress, and grateful for the affirmation this award has provided me to continue working in environments that aim to provide person-centred care and support. 
It is such an honour to have been recognized through these awards!
Congratulations, Britney!