Bridget Murphy

Bridget Murphy, PhD student, Ensminger Lab, wins presentation award at CSPB meeting

Monday, August 23, 2021 - 2:42pm

Bridget Kathleen Murphy, PhD student, Ensminger Lab won  the The Canadian Society of Plant Biologists CSPB/SCBV award for outstanding oral presentation at the 2021 CSPB/SCBV Annual General Meeting.

Bridget presented her work on the impact of climate change, specifically warming and drought, on the timing of cold acclimation in different white spruce genotypes. In her talk, she showed first results from her Ph.D. thesis project. This included data on growth, photosynthesis and water stress. All data were collected from late summer to early winter on white spruce seedlings growing in a long-term T-FACE experiment at the Koffler Scientific Reserve.

Congratulation, Bridget!

Bridget Murphy