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BIO481 2021 Winners

Friday, April 23, 2021 - 3:06pm
Stephanie do Rego

Prof. Peter Kotanen, BIO481 Course Coordinator announced the 2021 Best Presentation Award Winners:

Haya Habib (Erclik Lab) and Joshua Hung (Dillon Lab)

and the runners -up:

Riya Philip, (Lange Lab) and Stephanie Shishis (Gerlai Lab)

This year competition was judged by: Dr. Sasa Stefanovic, Dr. Adriano Senatore, Dr. Katharina Braeutigam & Dr. Arbora Resulaj

BIO481 is a 4th year research course in Biology. Students in BIO481 earn a full credit while working on their own project in a Biology faculty member's lab. Students prepare a thesis on their work and present it at our Symposium.

In his video message, Prof. Kotanen thanked all the supervisors: Dr. Joel Levine, Dr. Angela Lange, Dr. Marcus Dillon, Dr. Ho Sung Rhee, Dr. Robert Gerlai, Dr. Robert Reisz, Dr. Tim Westwood, Dr. Ted Erclik, Dr. Rob Ness, Dr. Mary Cheng, Dr. David McMillen, Dr. Bailey McMeans, Dr. Brandon Walters, Dr. Melissa Holmes, Dr. Alex Nguyen Ba, Dr. Steven Short.

Watch the announcement here:

Created by Prof. Peter Kotanen & Stephanie do Rego

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