POster for BIO434

BIO434 Arbor Den Capstone Symposium

Prof. Leanne R. De Souza-Kenney

Please join us for the 4th BIO434 Social and Developmental Determinants of Health Capstone Symposium on Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 from 9am to 11am in KN130. As we finally re-instate this event in-person, we look to the Biology community for support by attending this one-of-a-kind symposium!

Students have used the semester to generate unique social Justice projects around the social and developmental determinants of health and will ‘pitch’ their innovative project ideas to a community of their peers and local community partners. This is the start of something groundbreaking for our students. Historically, student groups have continued with their projects in research, innovation, and partnerships with community partners across the GTA.

We would be honoured and delighted to see you there!