Aishwarya Nair

Aishwarya Nair wins Principal’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership Award!

Friday, April 22, 2022 - 2:57pm
The Department of Biology at University of Toronto Missisauga is proud of Aishwarya Nair, Biology Minor, as she won the Principal’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership Award!
Aishwarya on winning this award:

"I am extremely thankful to have received the Principal’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership, for my contributions to the UTM community over the last 4 years. Through my involvement across three neuroscience laboratories and working for Student Housing & Residence Life for three years, I have learnt an immense amount about people, community, and leadership. My goal has always been to contribute to the environment that has taught me so much, and give my students, peers, and mentees the space and opportunity to grow as leaders themselves. I was blessed to have a diverse array of motivating supervisors and role models who supported me through my various roles, while also instilling in me qualities such as independent thinking and intentionality. I aimed to do the same and hope that those I have mentored can go on to inspire their students, peers, and mentees, contributing to the advancement of UTM’s core values."

Congratulations, Aishwarya!