Chris JuliaoBIO400 Alumni News - New IT System for Bowel Screening

We want to share some news with you regarding one of our previous BIO400 students – Christopher Juliao.  Christopher decided to complete his BIO400 internship at MARS Discovery District.  Working at MARS led him to work on an interesting IT project and meeting several interesting people, including a person from Deloitte.  After graduating with a Specialist in Biology in 2016, Christopher managed to receive a position as a Consultant at Deloitte Digital.  Christopher is currently part of the IT team at Deloitte, where he is working on various health related projects and in turn has led to some great news.

The Ministry of Health in New Zealand has just announced they have awarded a contract to Deloitte to build them a new IT system for their National Bowel Screening Programme, in which Christopher has been an integral part of the team in developing this new IT system. 


Wonderful to see our graduates making a difference!

Diane Matias