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The Unsung Heroes of Biology Teaching Labs - Lisa Cheung

Story by Susan Dixon, Senior Biology Technician

While the rest of us were trying to rest and recuperate from the fall semester over the holidays, one of our technicians was busier than Santa’s elves preparing take home “Lab in a Bag” kits for our BIO312 Plant Physiology students. 

Lisa Cheung
Lisa Cheung with kits

Over the course of several  months, UTM Biology Department Teaching Technician, Lisa Cheung prepared 48 kits – tested, gathered, purchased and even sewed carrying bags for some of the materials needed for students to perform several experiments in Plant Physiology. These kits will allow students to experience hands on learning at home in spite of the limitations imposed due to the ongoing pandemic.  These extraordinary times have led to extraordinary ingenuity and resourcefulness in our technical staff to ensure students can make the most of this academic year.  Fantastic job, Lisa!





Prof. Ingo Ensminger noted that:

"Lisa “minituarized” the Bio312 Plant Hormone Labs. Students now get a take-home lab kit that includes plant seeds, soil, pots, all the reagents and plant hormones pre-packed as well as an LED light and a foldable light stand that she developped with Peter from the academic machine shop. Since students cannot have in-person labs on campus, we bring a couple of the Bio312 lab experiments to the student’s homes. We hope that growing plants and taking care of their experiments will cheer them up a little bit - something to look forward when everything teaching is online."

Photos courtesy of Randy Preising


  • Content
    Content of the main kit bag
  • General supplies
    General supplies in the kit
  • Light Stand
    Light stand and bag
  • Light stand with plants
    Light stand with plants