The TRTE herbarium was founded in 1969 when emeritus Professor Alan F. Coventry donated his collection of about 4500 specimens to the college. On his retirement from the University of Toronto, Zoology Department, in about 1955, Professor Coventry came to live in a house in the countryside close to Creditview Road north of Hwy 401. Plans to develop the city of Mississauga were beginning to unfold, so he decided to collect plants in the Credit River Valley area with a goal to putting on record the flora of the area before it was destroyed by construction. He received encouragement to do this from the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and consequently collected from many of the areas which came under their jurisdiction during the 1950’s and later. The technical staff of Erindale College, particularly David Bezdek, as well as many students and faculty added to this collection in following years. Extensive collections of material were incorporated from Environmentally Sensitive Area studies in Halton and Peel regions during the 1970’s and 1980’s as well. Substantial collections of material from Leeds Co., Norfolk Co., and Essex Co. are also included in the TRTE herbarium.