Book the Rooftop Teaching Greenhouse Potting Bench

Need to do some potting in the Greenhouse? Click on the link below to reserve the potting bench. Please note, you will need a valid UTORid. Reservations are currently restricted to faculty and staff. If you are an undergrad, please email Joan Lee for access to the booking application. All potting bench bookings must be made 24 hours in advance.

Once you have made a booking, please fill out the Greenhouse Request Form to indicate:

  • all soil requirements
  • all pot requirements
  • any bench space required
  • any ongoing maintenance your plants may require from the greenhouse staff
  • how long are the plants expected to be in the greenhouse? (ie length of time of the experiment)

Email the form to Joan Lee to ensure that everything will be available at your reserved time (see instructions in the section below on how to submit the form).

Rooftop Greenhouse Request Form

Reserve the Rooftop Greenhouse Potting Bench

If you experience any problems with the booking application, please email Joan Lee or Lisa Cheung.