Graduate Student Advising

Graduate students within the Department of Biology at UTM follow the rules and policies set out by both their affiliated graduate department and the School of Graduate Studies.
Graduate student life involves a wide range of activities that change in relative importance throughout the course of their program. Productive working relationships with supervisors, supervisory committee members, graduate students, staff, etc. are all of importance for success as graduate students proceed throughout their program. Notwithstanding the aforementioned rules and policies, the UTM Department of Biology would like to ensure that we provide an environment for graduate student success. Therefore, we would like to help graduate students identify and resolve problems that may arise. These problems might involve aspects such as academic, personal, and/or financial issues, and it is important to tackle any potential problem early, before it becomes untenable.
To help graduate students determine how to resolve their questions or avoid potential problems, the Department of Biology has identified four departmental members with whom they can discuss the issue of concern: the Chair, the Associate Chairs, and Departmental Manager. Please remember that we also encourage every graduate student to continue to discuss these types of issues with their supervisor, supervisory committee members, and/or peers.

Joel Levine
Professor, Chair of UTM Biology

Mihai Baetu
Manager, Operations & Finance