Biology Graduate Student Society (BGSS)

The Biology Graduate Student Society (BGSS) represents all graduate students within the Department of Biology at UTM. The BGSS membership is made up of students from diverse labs, backgrounds, and degree stages who work together with faculty and various departmental committees to continually improve the academic and social life of the department.

Events run by BGSS include but are not limited to: a welcome event to introduce incoming students to their new community at the start of the academic year; a fall retreat to the Koffler Scientific Reserve that includes career workshops and social activities to promote community building; monthly birthday celebrations; weekly Friday Socials; spring volunteer trips to the Riverwood Conservancy; and periodic events throughout the year including coding workshops, Bad Science Movie Nights, and grad student research talks.


We at the Biology Graduate Student Society (BGSS) recognize and appreciate the ongoing efforts across the department to improve equity and diversity. BGSS was recently asked to present a list of recommendations to faculty regarding furthering of those initiatives through the Biology Seminar Series. The aim of the presentation was to gather feedback from faculty about these recommendations, which was then relayed to the graduate student body. In the past few days, public comments have been made regarding our notes on said faculty meeting, and we wish to clarify that these comments do not represent our perceptions of how the meeting went. We apologize for any miscommunications that have occurred, and we remain committed to collaborating with faculty in order to make changes to the Seminar Series that benefit the entire department by promoting equity and diversity, both in terms of speaker topics and representation. 


The BGSS execs