Cell/Tissue Culture Facility

Updated May 2, 2017

The Cell/Tissue Culture Facility has two locations on campus:

  • DV3092F is designated for biological containment level 1 work
  • DV1074D is a newly renovated facility that meets all the requirements of biological containment Level 2

The purpose of these facilities is to provide researchers a shared resource necessary to carry out cell/ tissue culture based experiments, and to maintain and store experimental cell lines. The facility will be overseen by a research technician who will ensure a safe and clean environment and also provide customized services upon request.


Monday to Friday: 8:45am to 5pm for access to the technician.
Other times and weekends / holidays: Can be accessed by key pad or T-card.

Contact Information:

Xin Zhao
Core Facility Technician
Department of Biology, Room DV4070
University of Toronto Mississauga
Tel: 905-569-4270
Email: xin.zhao@utoronto.ca

Facility Equipment and Consumables:

For use of the facility equipment listed below, please go to the Equipment Directory for contact information.

  • Biological safety cabinets equipped with pipette aids and vacuum aspirators
  • Inverted microscopes to observe cell morphology and count cells
  • Microscope camerasTCC_5.0ICE installed on inverted microscopes to allow imaging of cultured cells
  • CO2 incubators to culture mammalian cells, plant cells and insect cells
  • 37° C water bath
  • Eppendorf 5810R centrifuge with swing buckets for 15mL, 50mL, 250 mL tubes and multi-well plates
  • 4° C refrigerator with freezer to store immediately needed media and reagents
  • -20° C chest freezers
  • -80° C ultralow freezer
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage tank (can be accessed by contacting Prof. Mary Cheng)
  • Glass hemocytometer for counting cell numbers
  • Freezing box ( VWR brand) for 1-2 ml cryogenic tube, 18 spaces
  • Metal sterilizing boxes for glass pipettes 6” and 9”
  • Basic consumables for sterilization such as paper towels, 95%/70% ethanol, concentrated bleach, autoclave bags/tapes

Facility Services:

The following cell culture services (fees will be associated with some of these services) can be provided. Customized services are also available by contacting the core facility technician; the time commitment for such services will be discussed and a quote will be given using a basic cost of $30/hour (plus the cost of materials) for core facility technician’s time.

  • Free short training on the biosafety procedures and equipment introduction for working in the facility. This training must be taken by everyone who is new to the facility.
  • Basic cell culture technique training including sterile skills, cell passage, cell counting and plating, thawing and freezing cells. The training can be performed for individual or a group up to 3 people. This training will take place over 10 days. Fee for training is $450 per group (1 person, up to 3 people). Please contact Xin Zhao to make arrangements.
  • Maintaining cell lines
  • Expanding and creating frozen cell stocks
  • Preparation of sterilized 0.25% trypsin-EDTA solution for cell culture
  • Mammalian cell transfection
  • Mammalian cell stable transfection and positive clone selection
  • Mycoplasma contamination test