BIO400 Best Presentation Winners



We would like to congratulate all of our BIO400 students for completing their internships successfully this year! BIO400 is our internship course in which students are partnered with an organization within GTA for a work placement. We celebrated BIO400 student achievements in our BIO400 presentation days on March 31 and April 7 this year. This year we had two Best Presentation winners: Vanessa De Gregorio & Jhankhana Shah!


Vanessa's BIO400 internship placement was at the Hospital for Sick Children where she focused on investigating the risk of premature atherosclerosis in survivors of childhood cancer under supervision of Dr. Paul Nathan, Ms. Anne Christie & Ms. Emily Lam.





Jhankhana’s BIO400 internship was at the Acquired Brain Injury Research lab where she focused on conducting a systematic review on interventions targeting cognition in persons with primary central nervous system infection under supervision of Dr. Tatyana Mollayeva (KITE Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network).




Congrats Vanessa & Jhankhana!