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SUMMER 2021 (July & August)


Get Up 'N Stretch (Summer 2021)

Monday to Friday from 2:10pm- 2:30pm EDT on Zoom

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 Join us for a brief mid-day stretch Monday through Friday to take a break from being seated at your chair. Feel free to bring along your favourite cup of coffee or tea as we walk you through some stretches to relax your body and stretch out any tense muscles.

*Open to all UTM students, staff, faculty

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Virtual Olympics Trivia Night

The Olympics Rings- 5 ring symbol

The Olympics are happening and what better way to show off your knowledge that to take part in our Virtual Olympics Trivia Night on Thursday July 22nd. Participants will have the chance to test their knowledge with a series of questions on Olympics history and current events. No experience required, just join in on the Olympic fun!   

Date: July 22, 2021

Time: 6 PM to 7 PM EDT

Location: Virtual (using

For more information on the Virtual Olympics Trivia Night, please visit IMLeagues or email us at 


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