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We will be offering different online workshops this semester ranging from RAWC Talk seminars to Q&A's with fitness specialists. They will all be offered through Zoom over the course of the semester. You won't want to miss these workshops.

Septmeber 30 at 7pm Fundamental Movement Series: Squat Movement
October 7 at 6pm RAWC Talk: How to get the MOST out of your Workouts
October 29 at 7pm Fundamental Movement Series: Push
November 25 at 7pm Fundamental Movement Series: Lunge

Fundamental Movement Series (3 sessions)

These workshops are designed to teach you the basic movements that is the foundation of all human motion. Whether you are training for sport or for health, learning the right technique will ensure you minimize the risk of injuries and get the most out of your workout.

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Push-Up Movement on October 29

Push is one of the 2 fundamental movements of the upper body. Utilizing the shoulder, chest and arm muscles, pushing movements are both functional and indispensable for building upper body strength. Learn the importance of range of motion, shoulder stability, and the right technique for benching and push ups in order to minimize injuries and maintain good shoulder health. 

Date: October 29, 2020 at 7pm


Lunges workshop on November 25

Lunging is a versatile movement and absolutely essential to any sport, daily activity, and physical functionality. This workshop will teach you how to perform several lunge exercises and choosing the best variation for your goal. Learn the correct technique that will keep your knees safe and strong, and the importance of unilateral exercises to build a stable and balanced lower body.  

Date: November 25, 2020 at 7pm

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 Getting the most out of your workouts

Join us as we talk all things recreation, athletics, and wellness! We will do a deep dive into how to maximize the effectiveness of your workout by optimizing your recovery. We will discuss the latest research and techniques to prevent overtraining, optimize sleep habits, and make sure your nutrition is supporting getting you so you are ready for your next workout.

Date: October 7, 2020 at 6pm

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Introduction to Inversions (1 session)

Introduction to Inversions on October 27, 2020

Get upside down with our Intro to Inversions - Part 1 workshop and learn the basics of an inversion practice and how to get safety started.  Pre-requisite: Intro to Yoga recommended.

Tuesdays - October 27, 2020, 1-2pm 

Yoga De-stress Jam (1 session)

Yoga De-stress Jam on December 1

Join us for our Yoga De-Stress Jam workshop to help increase your focus and better manage stress.  Learn a variety of yoga techniques including mantas, mudras & relaxations techniques.  We bet you will leave this class feeling energized!

Tuesdays - December 1, 2020, 1-2pm 

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