UTM Athletic Award Recipients


54th Annual UTM Athletic Award Reception 

Each year, UTM recognizes and celebrates the achievements and success of its student-athletes, coaches and student leaders across campus that have positively contributed to the success of the Dept. of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness. The 54th annual award reception was held online on April 3rd, 2020, bringing together the UTM Eagles community to social media to celebrate the year's athletic success! Congratulations to all of the 2019-20 award winners and for another great year of sports and recreation at UTM!

Please read below for a complete list of 2019-20 UTM Athletic Award recipients and visit our Award Descriptions page for award criteria: 

Alice H. Pearson - Intramural Athletes of the Year

Brianna Webb
Sean Leschak-Klugman

Referee of the Year

Louis Scheffer

Game Manager of the Year

Danielle Edwardo-Oldfield

Golden Eagle Award

Nikolas Kilik
Sean Leschak-Klugman
Mathushan Srikannathasan 

UTM Fair Play Award 

Damian Koscielniak
Celine Polidario
Mathushan Srikannathasan
Trisha-Ann Vo 

Olympic Weightlifting Most Valuable Player

Jess Nguyen

Tri-Campus Most Valuable Players

Coed Ultimate - Aaron Ogalesco & Michelle Tang
Women's Ice Hockey - Rebecca Bagnarol
Men's Ice Hockey - Pasquale Campagna 
Women's Flag Football - Olga Kozlova
Men's Flag Football - Yahya Masri
Men's Cricket - Kunal Kishan Mehta
Women's Basketball - Noordeep Brar
Men's Basketball - Zichao Liu
Women's Volleyball - Madeleine Myers
Men's Volleyball - Sean Leschak-Klugman
Women's Outdoor Soccer - Emily Paiva
Men's Outdoor Soccer - Talal Khamis
Women's Indoor Soccer - Annela Tchouadep
Men's Indoor Soccer - Omar Abbas

Varsity Most Valuable Players

Badminton (male) - Nicholas Hon
Badinton (female) - Kate Huang & Danna Biboso
Men's Basketball - Zamam Khan
Women's Basketball - Jade Addai
Cross Country (male) - Aaron De Jong
Cross Country (female) - Sophie Glanz
Men's Outdoor Soccer - Adam Czerkawski
Women's Outdoor Soccer - Azza Adhoum
Men's Indoor Soccer - Andre Pinto
Women's Indoor Soccer - Emily Sevcik

Tri-Campus Coach of the Year

Sarah-May Edwardo-Oldfield (Women's Basketball)

Varsity Coach of the Year

Salee Johnson-Edwards (Women's Basketball)

Cynthia E. Haddow Memorial Award

Azza Adhoum (Varsity, Women's Soccer)

Varsity Rookies of the Year

Avery Torok (Women's Basketball)
Ryan Chen (Badminton)

Tri-Campus Athlete of the Year

Nikolas Kilik (Men's Basketball)
Madeleine Myers (Women's Volleyball)

Academic Excellence Award

Julia Costanzo (Cross Country)
Andrey Volkov (Men's Soccer)

OCAA All-Academic Award Winners

Badminton - Shiv Puri, Margaret Anderson & Oanh Tu Vu
Cross Country - Julia Costanzo & Gabriel El Haddad
Men's Basketball - Scott Ford
Women's Basketball - Trisha-Ann Vo
Men's Soccer - Andrey Volkov, Markian Krencil
Women's Soccer - Azza Adhoum, Julia Krizan, Isabela Charum, Rachel Lord, Sabrina Longo, Sarita Macaldaz, Sydney Miller

James J. Rae - Female Athlete of the Year 

Jade Addai (Women's Basketball)

J Tuzo Wilson - Male Athlete of the Year

Zamam Khan (Men's Basketball)


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