Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy at UTM


What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy is a health care profession specializing in the prevention, assessment and care of musculoskeletal injuries with a focus on athletics and the pursuit of physical activity.

What do Athletic Therapists do?

  • Respond to emergencies in a sports setting, providing on-site assessment and care
  • Provide clinical assessments and treatments of a multitude of injuries utilizing acute injury care, therapeutic modalities, manual therapy and strength and conditioning work with the goal of returning the patient back to pre-injury levels of activity or athletic competition

What's available to UTM Varsity Athletes?

  • Preseason medical screening and baseline testing
  • Support and coverage during practice and competition
  • Ongoing assessment and rehabilitative treatment of sport-related injuries
  • Emergency coverage during all OCAA home competitions
  • Referrals to a team of Sports Medicine Physicians and other health care specialists 

For more information on Athletic Therapy at the University of Toronto Mississauga or to inquire about an appointment, please contact:

Chris Kelly
Rehabilitation & Fitness Specialist
Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness
Tel: +1-905-569-4725