Academic Support

Student-Athlete Academic Support

To ensure success both in competition and the classroom, all UTM Varsity student-athletes will be assessed and supported by full-time staff throughout each academic year. The academic support services available to UTM Varsity athletes vary from one-to-one appointments, accessing Academic Intro letters for professors, and the Peer Mentorship program. Please read below for the support services that best match your needs:

Eagles Academic Introduction Letter

At the beginning of each term, every Varsity athlete will receive a letter from the department of Athletics. They are encouraged to go to their professor’s office hours and share this letter with them. The letter will let faculty know that you are a part of Varsity team and it will include the dates/times of games. This will help legitimize a student’s athletic involvement and it will also outline the process and what professors can expect from a student should they miss class for their athletic obligations.

Academic Conflict Letters

Academic conflict letters will be provided to athletes when they request a letter with two weeks’ notice of their planned absence. When you will miss a test or a class for a game you can request an academic excuse letter which will ask if your professor can make an accommodation for any missed work. Please keep in mind that it at the discretion of each professor as to whether or not they will make any sort of accommodation.

To request a letter please fill out this form.

Advising Appointments

All varsity athletes can book a meeting for academic advising appointments. (Advising hours will be from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Thursday and Friday afternoons to ensure privacy).

Study Hall

Study Hall is a space provided for student athletes to do their homework and study in DV 1118. It is open and available for student athletes during monitored study hall hours. Study Hall is a mandated for four hours a week for all first-year student athletes. Study Hall is mandated for two hours a week for any athlete that has earned a sessional GPA of less than 2.0 in the previous term.

Study Hall Hours - CLOSED

  • Monday to Thursday: 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


  • If student athletes fall behind in their hours, they will be identified to the coaches as not being recommended to play until they make up the time.
  • If students are completing study hall hours outside of study hall they need to submit a signed form to verify their attendance.
  • Coaches will receive a weekly report of which players are meeting their academic obligations.

Peer Mentorship

Now hiring! If you are interesting in becoming a Peer Mentor for the 2020/21 Academic Year you can apply now through CLNx.

A mentorship program for all first year varsity athletes. All first-year athletes will be matched with an upper year student to help with the transition of starting university as a varsity athlete. Mentee’s will meet with the mentor weekly. During these informal meetings students will cover a range of topics such as accessing campus resources, staying on top of school work, time-management and balancing sports with their academic obligations.

  • Mentors will be matched with mentee’s based on academic discipline where possible.
  • They will meet with each mentee individually weekly.

Eagles Academic Success Plans 

For all athletes with a sessional GPA less than 2.0 in the previous term.  Students will be required to participate in two hours per week of study hall, and will be required to meet the Assessment and Athlete Academic Support Specialist regularly throughout the term.

Students on Academic Probation

Students who are on Academic Probation but who intend to return to Varsity Athletics in a following year.

  • Are required to participate in the RGAC’s PASS program. Promoting Academic Skills for Success (PASS) is a six-week program run through the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre.
  • Students on academic probation will be invited to a monthly meeting with the Assessment and Athlete Academic Support Specialist where they will be given support and referrals to campus supports.

For more information on athlete academic support at the University of Toronto Mississauga or to inquire about an appointment, please contact:

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