2018-2019 Men's Basketball Roster


Athlete  Name Jersey No. Height Program                      Hometown                   

Fun Fact 

Kyle B Kyle Boorman 0 6'1 Criminology Georgetown, ON "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."
Andreas Andreas Jankovic 1 6'9 Humanities Toronto, ON Yes the air is better up here.
Karl Karl Assah 2 6'3 Management Potomac, Maryland I spit bars.

    Gregory Roberts

Gregory Roberts  3 6'1   Toronto, ON  
Nicholas K Nicholas Kwantwi 4 6'2 Accounting Milton, ON I started playing basketball when I was in grade 7. 
Hassan Hassan Manjang 5 5'11 Criminology and Political Science Banjul, Gambia I've lived in 10 countries. 
Nicholas A Nicholas Al-Rehany 6 6'0 Geographic Information System Mississauga, ON I am the original Nick. 
George K George Karagan 7 5'11 Commerce Brampton, ON Basketball, is my girlfriend. 
Kyle K Kyle Krist 8 6'5 Commerce Waterdown, ON  
Akeem Akeem Brisco 9 6'4 Computer Science 

St. Catherine, JA

I was born in Jamaica. 
Scott F Scott Ford 10 6'1 Forensic Science Etobicoke, ON I like post game milkshakes. 
Mathu Mathushan Srikannathasan 11 6'0 Physiology Milton, ON I can sing.
Zamam Zamam Khan 12 6'4 Political Science Ottawa, ON I'm a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. 
Adrian Kwan Milan Acimovic 13 6'5   Toronto, ON  
Lukas L Lukas Louhikari 15 6'4 Astronomy Hockley Valley, ON My favorite NBA team is the Toronto Raptors. 
Brendan Sterkaj Brendan Sterkaj 16 6'3   Toronto, ON  
John F John Filaber 17 6'4 Biology Mississauga, ON  
Men's Basketball Coaches                                                                                                        
Name              Title                   Contact information           

Nkosi Adams 

Full Bio   

Head Coach                nkosi.adams@utoronto.ca            
Avery Brown             Assistant Coach                avery.brown@utoronto.ca
Jovan Pajovic

Assistant Coach

Anthony Smith  Assistant Coach TBA
Adrian Kwan  Assistant Coach  adrian.kwan@utoronto.ca
Mark Anthony Garcines Assistant Coach TBA

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